Kamogawa Genji (鴨川 源二, lit. Kamogawa Genji) is a deuteragonist in Hajime no Ippo. His influence on the story rivals those of Takamura Mamoru's and Miyata Ichirou's; all three inspire Makunouchi Ippo to continue boxing.

He is a retired prizefighter who founded the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He acts as the trainer of both Ippo and Takamura, as well as a cornerman for the boxers under Shinoda Tomoyuki.

His surname is Kamogawa. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.

Kamogawa Genji
Japanese Name 鴨川 源二
Nickname(s) Gen-chan (By Nekota)
Coach (Students)
Kamogawa-San (By Yuki and Most of People)
Gramps/Old Man/Old Geezer (Takamura)
Gender Male
Birth date January 15, 1917
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Coach, Trainer and Gym Founder, Skilled Labor (Part-Time)
Boxer Info
Weight Class Bantamweight
Style In Fighter
Stance Peek-a-Boo Style
Current Affiliation Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Trainer Himself
Date(s) Retired 1947
Boxing Record
Total fights 8
Wins 5
Wins by KO 5
Losses 2
Draws 1
Championships None
Manga Debut Round 2
Anime Debut Round 2 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Utsumi Kenji (The Fighting, New Challenger)
Iizuka Shouzou (Rising)
Mamoru Miyano (Young Kamogawa)
Tsujimura Mahito (Drama CD)


Kamogawa Genji

Kamogawa Genji in his Younger Appearance

Kamogawa worked as a prizefighter in Japan shortly after the end of the Second World War. He has exchanged blows with former prizefighter Nekota Ginpachi multiple times. He was also friends with fellow prizefighter and future trainer Hama Dankichi. During the American occupation of Japan, Kamogawa harboured strong feelings of national pride, refusing to accept food handouts.

Kamogawa witnessed American sergeant Ralph Anderson easily defeat Hama in an exhibition match. After Hama's loss, Anderson terrorized the population and chased Yuki into the alleys. Here, Kamogawa experienced the power of American boxing first-hand as he and Nekota were beaten up by Anderson while protecting Yuki. After seeing Anderson's clinical jabs and being hit by a Cross Counter, Kamogawa acknowledged that American boxing was at least a hundred years ahead of Japanese prizefighting. It was also here that he encountered Miguel Zale, a soldier and second to Anderson.

During this time, Yuki and Nekota moved into Kamogawa's makeshift home. Yuki looked after the pair while they trained, inspired by their commitment to rebuilding the country through their fighting spirit. However, Kamogawa discovered that Yuki was a survivor from Hiroshima, who was dying from radiation poisoning.

Although Kamogawa's pride was hurt, he was aware of the gap between Japanese prizefighting and American boxing, and declined to challenge Anderson on the basis that true boxers fight against their own weight division, and as a bantamweight, Kamogawa was no match for Anderson. However, Nekota secretly arranged a fight with Anderson. Kamogawa furiously rushed to the match after realizing Nekota had been brain-damaged after their last fight together. Despite Nekota's superior speed, he was crippled by an illegal Rabbit Punch and was severely beaten before Kamogawa interfered and stopped the match.

Swearing to avenge Nekota, Kamogawa trained by punching a log into an embankment, honing his fists into a deadly weapon. In the match against Anderson, Kamogawa was outclassed and unable to land a clean hit. Through the strength of his spirit and Nekota's desperate encouragement, Kamogawa absorbs Anderson's chopping right and lands two deadly body blows, breaking his ribs and puncturing his internal organs. Despite defeating Ralph, Kamogawa broke both his fists in the process, which ended his career thereafter.

With Nekota retreating to his mountain home to recover, Kamogawa put aside the feelings between himself and Yuki and dedicated his life to passing on his passion for boxing.

Sometime later, Kamogawa opened his own boxing gym, where he trained the future manager of the gym Yagi, the then-OPBF Featherweight champion Miyata-san, and the budding counter specialist Miyata Ichirou. By chance, he encountered Takamura Mamoru and convinced him to enter the world of boxing under his tutorship. Takamura then scouted Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya, and Makunouchi Ippo to the gym.


Ippo's Pro DebutEdit


Kamogawa helping Ippo during his spar.

After meeting Ippo, Kamogawa was skeptical about the idea of him becoming a professional, due to his appearance and attitude. In order to conclude what his chances were, he decided to have him spar against boxing prodigy Miyata. During the spar, Ippo went down several times and was unable to land a single hit on Miyata before losing via knockout. However, his durability, stamina and determination, earned Kamogawa's respect and a membership to his gym.

Kamogawa decided to supervise Ippo's training personally (which he did for no one other than Takamura) and announced that he would have a rematch against Miyata. During the months leading up to the rematch, Kamogawa taught Ippo how to perform an uppercut, and put him through intensive training in order to directly face the counter instead of avoiding it. In an attempt to have both aspiring boxers motivated, he instigated a rivalry between them, by constantly making comments about Ippo's growth. Kamogawa is Ippo's second on his second spar with Miyata. After Ippo won, Kamogawa had to hide his excitement. Kamogawa is impressed after receiving a picture of Ippo hitting the tip of Miyata's jaw from Fujii Minoru.

Makunouchi Ippo vs Oda YusukeEdit

As Ippo "lost his goal" after sparring with Miyata, he no longer showed his punching power while mitt training with Kamogawa, seeing this, Kamogawa ordered him to train with Takamura in order to understand the hardships of the sport. Kamogawa announces that Ippo's opponent for his pro debut is Oda Yusuke. In the match against Oda Yusuke, Kamogawa avoided a doctor stoppage by applying ice and lotion to Ippo's cut allowing him to continue the fight which he ultimately won via knockout. After Ippo won and everyone is outside, Kamogawa silently walked away and left Ippo, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura money to celebrate.

Makunouchi Ippo vs Fujiwara YoshioEdit


Kamogawa during Ippo's match with Fujiwara.

Kamogawa announces Ippo's second opponent is Fujiwara Yoshio and states even with a 1 win and 1 loss record, anything can happen in boxing. On the day of the match in the ring, Kamogawa tells Ippo to do as practice and there will be no problem. Kamogawa congratulates Ippo on his victory, while laughing at Ippo's bump on his head.

Rookie King Tournament - First Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Jason OzumaEdit

After Jason Ozuma is revealed as Ippo's first opponent at the All Japan Rookie King Tournament and hearing about how he put his sparring partner in the hospital with a hook, Kamogawa decides to have Takamura train Ippo on how to dodge hooks. On the day of the match after round one, Kamogawa tells Ippo that his punches are getting to Ozuma and to not show pain in his face. After Ippo's down in round two, Kamogawa helped him get up by yelling. Kamogawa notices the training paid off as Ippo wins his match.

Rookie King Tournament - Second Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Kobashi KentaEdit

As Kamogawa watches tapes of Kobashi Kenta and Hayami Ryuuichi's matches, he states that Ippo now has two obstacles to pass to get to Miyata. On the day of the match, Kamogawa acts as Ippo's cornerman. Kamogawa noticed how bad Ippo is sweating during the match and how Ippo and Kamogawa fell into Kobashi's trap. However, after Ippo found a chance for a hit, he and Kamogawa won.

Japanese Middleweight Title - Takamura Mamoru vs Yajima YoshiakiEdit

Kamogawa acted as Takamura's cornerman during his Japanese middleweight champion title match against Yajima Yoshiaki. After Takamura's win and winning the JBC middleweight champion belt, Kamogawa and the others celebrated.

Rookie King Tournament - Semi-final Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Hayami RyuuichiEdit

Kamogawa shows Ippo a recording of Hayami's match, showing Ippo's original plan was not going to work. Kamogawa states that in order to defeat Hayami, let him use the Shotgun and then attack while he is exhausted, Kamogawa then puts Ippo on defensive training. After Ippo states he wants to learn how to throw a counter when Hayami uses his uppercut, Kamogawa starts training Ippo for counters. On the day of the match, before Ippo is about to fight, Kamogawa states to use the counter only once. Kamogawa was thrilled with Ippo's win.

Rookie King Tournament - Final Round: Makunouchi Ippo vs Mashiba RyouEdit


Kamogawa and Ippo after winning

After Ippo damages his fist, Kamogawa states not to use it for two weeks. Kamogawa explains Mashiba Ryou's weakness in his Hitman style, which is his left guard always being down. On the day of the match Kamogawa states to keep the match an in-fight in order to keep close to him. At the end, Kamogawa is proud of Ippo winning the tournament.


It is revealed that he seeks to raise a world champion whose boxing is principled on fighting spirit, not just talent or skill. He is repeatedly proud of Takamura and Ippo, though he rarely expresses it, but it is Ippo he regards as his "last son". He has thrown in the towel or forfeited the match only twice, and outside of that loss, his boxers have won every last one of their combined 47 matches.

Though he chose not to train Itagaki Manabu, he is present in his matches as a cornerman. He is equally as surprised at Itagaki's speed and boxing skills as he is at the talents of his own trainees. 

Match HistoryEdit

No. Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
9 WIN 6-2-1 Ralph Anderson KO 8(12), 1947(?) Tokyo, Japan Retired after match from two broken fists due to overuse of Tekken.
8 DRAW 5-2-1 Nekota Ginpachi Decision 10(10), 3:00 1947(?) Tokyo, Japan It went to a decision, as a draw. Both never accepted it.
7 LOSS 5-2-0 Nekota Ginpachi KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 4th match against Nekota
6 WIN 5-1-0 Nekota Ginpachi KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 3rd match against Nekota
5 WIN 4-1-0 Hama Dankichi KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan N/A
4 WIN 3-1-0 Nekota Ginpachi KO ?(10), 19?? Tokyo, Japan 2nd match against Nekota
3 LOSS 2-1-0 Nekota Ginpachi Decision 10(10),


19?? Tokyo, Japan 1st match against Nekota
2 WIN 2-0-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 19?? Tokyo, Japan N/A
1 WIN 1-0-0 Unknown KO ?(4) 19?? Tokyo, Japan Pro Debut boxing match

Kamogawa officially fought against Ralph Anderson. Though winning by KO, he broke both of his fists to the point of ending his career thereafter by overusing the Tekken, or Iron Fist technique. It is also mentioned that Kamogawa had multiple boxing matches against Nekota Ginpachi as a prizefighter, two of which he lost, two of which he won, and another that ended a draw, though he insists that he won the last one.



Kamogawa's appearance

Seen primarily in his twilight years, Kamogawa is partially bald with grey hair residing on the sides of his head, as well as at a small tuft above his forehead. His age also leaves him often walking with a wooden cane that he is often seen beating the students of his gym with when they misbehave.

In his youth, Kamogawa sported messy, dark-brown, hair and a muscular physique. He also had a very rigid face structure, with a bulky isometric nose and large eye-brows. This refined jawline is less prevalent in his older years


Kamogawa is fairly stoic and introspective character, rarely displaying his emotions outwardly. He is deeply passionate about boxing as a sport and takes great pride in his boxers success. Despite this, he is quite quick to anger when his students perform outlandishly, primarily disciplining his disciples with his cane (mainly Takamura).

He is a prudish man who does not tolerate indecency and debauchery, as shown with how he constantly bludgeons Takamura whenever he steps out of line.

Fighting StyleEdit

Not much is known about Kamogawa's prior fighting style other than his weight class and his natural in-fighting tendencies. It is implied by Nekota that he used both an orthodox and southpaw style, as he said to Genji: "Your right cross hasn't faded at all," then told Ippo: "If I didn't look into his eyes, I would've taken his left cross." He invented Tekken, a destructive body blow which leaves an imprint of a fist behind. He possesses a stubborn and unyielding fighting spirit, which he seeks to pass down to a successor in the hopes of challenging the world.




  • "I expected someone who could become a pro because you recruited him, but what is that? I don't feel any fighting spirit!" - To Takamura the first time Ippo joined the gym
  • "Not everyone who works hard is rewarded. But! All those who succeed have worked hard!" - To Takamura before his fight with Bryan Hawk


  • Despite being very knowledgeable about boxing and having years of experience with different techniques and styles, Kamogawa believes that "techniques are nothing against strength"[1].
  • As of Chapter 1012, Kamogawa is still able to do mitts hitting with Ippo and Takamura consecutively at his old age.


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