Kamogawa Boxing Gym in the anime.


Kamogawa Boxing Gym in the manga.

The Kamogawa Boxing Gym (鴨川ボクシングジム) is a gym located in Tokyo founded, owned, and operated by Kamogawa Genji. It serves as the main setting for Hajime no Ippo.


Founded by Kamogawa Genji years after his retirement, the gym is two stories with a basement. The first floor and basement serve as training areas while the second floor contains Kamogawa's office. Both the first floor and basement also contain boxing rings in them.


Kamogawa's ring!

By the start of the series, the gym had produced two Japanese champions and one OPBF champion (Miyata's father). At present, one member holds a championship: Takamura Mamoru (WBC & WBA Middleweight). Previously Makunouchi Ippo was the JBC Featherweight champion.

Kamogawa Gym members

Renshuuseis at the gym

It is a highly respected gym and has become well known for its strict training. At present, there are roughly 20-30 members of the gym. Nekota Ginpachi once served as a volunteer trainer during a 3 week period.


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Trivia Edit

  • The brand of boxing gear officially used by the Kamogawa crew is called "Winning" gear, which is a real-life brand of boxing gear. The difference is that the two blue lines and red triangle logo on a Winning glove are reversed, to avoid copyright infringement.[1]

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