Jose Nargo ( ホセ・ナーゴ ) is a professional boxer in the Featherweight World Class from Mexico.

Nargo is the current Mexican Featherweight Champion, and is ranked 5th in the world. His trainer is Bill Stewart.

Jose Nargo
Japanese Name ホセ・ナーゴ
Gender Male
Homeland Mexico Mexico
Occupation Professional Boxer
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height  ?
Reach  ?
Style Out boxing
Stance Orthodox boxing stance
Current Affiliation De La Revilla Gym
Trainer Bill Stewart
Boxing Record
Rank 5th (WBA)
C (Mexico)
Total fights  ?
Wins  ?
Wins by KO  ?
Losses 1
Draws  ?
Championships Mexican Featherweight Championship
Manga Debut Round 1085
Manga Final Round 1092
Anime Debut N/A
Anime Final N/A
Voice Actor N/A


Nargo fights Sendou Takeshi for the opening event for Takamura Mamoru's Championship Match. After experiencing the power of Sendou's "Smash", Nargo resorts to a "Hit and Run" strategy of attacking and subsequently retreating beyond Sendou's reach, knowing he would likely be overwhelmed if he remained at close range. The approach proves effective, with the injuries Sendou sustained against Mashiba Ryou leaving him too weak to try and close the distance between them.

After eight rounds of evading and gradually accumulating damage on Sendou, Nargo is knocked off-balance by a decisive right, which stuns him and grants Sendou an opportunity to close in. Unable to avoid his attacks, Nargo receives major damage from Sendou and is pushed to the corner. Soon, Sendo tries to end the fight with a Smash and is stopped by Nargo's left hook and Nargo then tries to escape, but is predicted by Sendou due to his instincts. Then, Sendou tries to attack him with a right straight, which Nargo counters with his own right, the situation being similar to the way Ippo lost to Gonzales, but due to Sendou's fighting spirit, he survived the counter and because Sendou hurt Nargo with his Fist Clench, Nargo's legs were damaged and he couldn't run in time and succumbed to Sendou's Smash, thus losing the fight and allowing Sendou to keep his 4th rank in the WBA.


Nargo's eyes appear near closed sharp-like, similar to those of former boxer Iwao and trainer of Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Shinoda.

Fighting Style

Nargo, as an out boxer, prefers to fight at range. He is noted to possess impressive speed and skill, with the bravery and confidence to engage any opponent without being intimidated. This is due to his many years of experience in sparring against Ricardo Martinez. It is revealed that he also holds the record for fighting Ricardo Martinez the most times while surviving.