Jolt Counter
User(s) Miyata's father
Miyata Ichirou
Itagaki Manabu
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Counter
Jolt Blow

The Jolt Counter is specific counter that is accomplished by putting the entire body weight behind a single punch. Miyata Ichirou used this technique in desperation against Jimmy Sisphar. Miyata senior also used this against Randy Boy Senior.

When used as a counter, it is extremely effective, but dangerous. Miyata's father found this out the hard way when his career ended with a shattered jaw. Combined with Sisfar's power and Miyata's weak jaw, there was a possibility of the same occurring twice, if not worse. The Jolt Counter, however, was successful and ended the match in dramatic fashion of K.O. for the foreigner Miyata.


The boxer first predicts an opponent's incoming punch. They quickly position themselves where they can evade the blow, crouching slightly in preparation for the follow-through. The instant the opponent's punch has been evaded with a head slip, the boxer sprints forward, weaves their arm over the opponent's, and slams their fist into the opponent's face.

The best punch to execute a jolt counter on is a right straight, both because it is slow and because the opponent's forward momentum is higher than when executing other punches.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The power generated from the momentum of the sprint is enough to cause serious injury to any opponent, but two factors make the jolt counter even more dangerous as an offensive weapon. First, it is a counter punch, which means the opponent usually will not see it coming. Second, it capitalizes on the opponent's own momentum to cause even more damage. The window in which this opposing momentum is available is extremely short, so the jolt must be performed with both foresight and courage if the boxer hopes to catch it. As such, it is a rare and high-level technique that few boxers dare to use regularly.

Itagaki Manabu successfully used the jolt once, but afterward decided to seal it because the risk of failure was too great for him. Miyata's father is a prime example of what can happen if even the slightest mistake is made while performing the jolt.

Arnie Gregory once demonstrated a way to block Miyata's regular counters, but when he tried to block the Jolt counter, his attempt failed; he was hit squarely in the face and he received a down. Randy Boy Junior negated much of the punch's power by switching to a Southpaw stance, but even so he still received a down from the impact. All evidence shows that the Jolt counter is simply unblockable.


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