Jolt Blow
Jimmy jolt
Alternate Name(s) "The Fist of God"
User(s) Jimmy Sisphar
First Appearance
Manga Round 730
Anime Does not appear
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Jolt Counter
Chopping Right

The Jolt Blow is a reckless punch distinguished by the fighter putting their entire body weight behind it. This particular move is based on Miyata Ichirou's Sunday Punch, the Jolt Counter, and has only been used by Jimmy Sisphar, who called it "the Fist of God" since he believed it was the most powerful punch conceivable.


The combatant charges head-first at top speed and whips their arm from an overhead position into a straight, resulting in a haymaker of a punch regardless of whether or not it connects. It is powerful enough to damage Ippo even when he guarded against it. 


Main article: tornado jolt

A stationary variation of the move is the Tornado Jolt, in which the boxer twists his waist to add power from his back and leg muscles into the punch. Aside from the raw destructive power while standing still, an additional advantage of this variation is that the end position from one swing is the starting position of the next; the punch can be used repeatedly and without delay. The punches can be mixed in with a twisting guard.

Though Makunouchi Ippo uses the Tornado Jolt in his fight against Jimmy, he has technically been performing it his entire career, as he has always put his back muscles into his punches. The same applies to Sendou Takeshi when he enters Crouching Style.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit


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