Japan Middle-Class Title
Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Chapter: 50
Japanese Title: 日本ミドル級タイトルマッチ
Romanized Title: Nihon midoru-kyū taitorumatchi
Total Pages: 18
WSM Issue: ?
Chapter Chronology
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 Japan Middle-Class Title is the fiftieth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



As the main event begins, the challenger is introduced, and so is the champion. As the cheering squad organized by the champion's party irritates Takamura, Kamogawa tells him to calm down and offer moral support. Takamura confidently says he will take the belt and remembering how he met his coach, is ready to fight as soon as the bell rings.

When the bell rings, Takamura immediately unleashes a barrage of punches quickly cornering the champion and shocking the crowd, but he is caught by a counter and goes down. Ippo begins to cheer for his gym mate, which causes the entire place to follow him. Now angry, Takamura gets up, and lures his opponent in, only to catch him with a brutal uppercut that shatters his jaw.

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