Japan's Greatest Beast
Chapter Info
Volume: 26
Chapter: 230
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 19
Chapter Chronology
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Japan's Greatest Beast is the 230th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



With no other option left, Takamura decides to fight, but is instantly overpowered by the bear's destructive power. Cornered and having no escape route, Takamura uses the trees as cover to protect himself. Baiting the bear into attacking, Takamura uses the opportunity to find an opening and deliver a punch, which does not affect the bear. After losing much blood and realizing how naive he was, Takamura gives up, knowing he stands no chance against the animal. However before receiving the final blow, he remembers the cheers while he is fighting, and is determined to return alive. Takamura delivers a counter which damages the bear and reveals it's weak point on the forehead. After landing numerous powerful punches, Takamura finally defeats the bear and gets ready to finish it until Hachi stops him and points out the bear cubs. Unable to kill the animal, Takamura leaves with Hachi and goes back to pension Yoshio.

As the group gets ready to look for him, Takamura arrives and tells them he defeated the bear, but they do not believe him as the only witness of his match against the bear can not speak.

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