This article only covers aspects of Japan that are referenced in Hajime no Ippo.
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Japan (日本, lit. nihon or nippon), is the country of origin and major setting for George Morikawa's anime and manga series Hajime no Ippo.

Major LocationsEdit

Below is a list of major locations in Japan accounted for in Hajime no Ippo. Note that this is not a full list of locations, but a list of the core settings in which character development takes place.


Tokyo is the main setting of the series in which the main group of characters (consisting of Makunouchi Ippo, Takamura Mamoru, Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya and Itagaki Manabu) among others train in their respective boxing gyms.

Locations of InterestEdit


Osaka is a secondary setting in the series and home to the boxing gym one of the series' more prominent characters Sendou Takeshi and his protégé Hoshi Hiroyuki.

Locations of InterestEdit


Home of the boxing gym Yamada Naomichi and Jason Ozuma (formerly) trained in.

Locations of InterestEdit


A location in the Tohoku prefecture.

Locations of InterestEdit

  • Tsukuhara Boxing Gym


A location in the Chubu prefecture.

Locations of InterestEdit

  • Karil Boxing Gym


A location in the Ryukyu prefecture.

Locations of InterestEdit

  • Mensore Okinawa Seaside Gym


A location in the Kanagawa prefecture and second largest city in Japan by population.

  • Yokohama Arena


As this article only covers aspects of Japan that appear in Hajime no Ippo, likewise only the regions that appear in Hajime no Ippo will be listed.

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