Itagaki Nanako
Itagaki Nanako bio
Japanese Name 板垣 菜々子
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Family Itagaki's Father
Itagaki's Mother
Manabu (older brother)
Manga Debut Round 415
Anime Debut Round 25 (New Challenger)
Voice Actor Kobayashi Yuu

Itagaki Nanako (板垣 菜々子) is the younger sister of Itagaki Manabu.


A 16 year-old high school student at introduction (later 17), Nanako is one of Makunouchi Ippo's biggest fans. Because of this, she views Mashiba Kumi as a rival and competes with her at almost everything. She takes any chance to be around Ippo, and even tried to steal a kiss from him once when he was sleeping after a rough match, but she was interrupted by Kumi. It's shown that she has a perverted side, as when she jumped into pool where Ippo was, she rudely grabbed his large penis while stating an innuendo. Like her older brother Manabu she is very attractive, but she also has the same love for puns as the rest of her family. Imai Kyousuke is in love with her, but she tends to ignore his feelings as she has no interest in dating her brother's rival.