Itagaki's Mother (板垣母, lit. itagaki haha) is a supporting character in Hajime no Ippo. She is a housewife and the mother of Itagaki Manabu and Itagaki Nanako.

Itagaki's Mother
Japanese Name 板垣
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Japan
Family Itagaki's Father (husband)

Itagaki Nanako (daughter)
Itagaki Manabu (son)

Occupation Housewife
Manga Debut Round 415
Anime Debut Round 25 (New Challenger)
Voice Actor Sonozaki Mie


First seen when Makunouchi Ippo visits the Itagaki residence for dinner, Itagaki's mother was quickly established by Ippo as a kind person. She prepares snapper for dinner to celebrate Itagaki's victory and patiently waits for her husband to come home. Ippo, under the assumption that the family is quiet and good-natured, is then struck with discomfort when he realizes that their sense of humor is so terrible it makes his skin crawl. Itagaki's mother is seen exchanging puns with the rest of her family while Ippo looks on in pain. She is then seen laughing at Ippo's unintentional pun, much to the latter's chagrin.

Itagaki's mother shows up at all of her son's matches along with the rest of the family.


Itagaki's mother is a middle-aged woman who appears taller than her husband, Itagaki's father. She has long brown hair, thin eyebrows, and dark colored eyes. She doesn't show any distinct signs of her age and appears (as well as sounds) younger than she really is. Both children take after her appearance.


Itagaki's mother is shown to have a very kind personality much like her daughter Nanako. However, like the rest of her family Itagaki's mother has a terrible sense of humor and a tendency to make terrible puns. While she may initially appear polite and well-spoken, all composure is lost when she laughs at one of her family members's horrible jokes, which is said to happen very often during their times together. Like her husband, she doesn't express much concern for her children aside from wanting to see them succeed; in particular, she wishes for Nanako to marry Imai Kyousuke, the heir of a wealthy family. She shares in the rest of the family's remarkable fearlessness.

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