Itagaki's Father
Japanese Name 板垣
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Japan
Family Itagaki's Mother (wife)
Itagaki Nanako (daughter)
Itagaki Manabu (son)
Occupation Security guard (current)
Worker at a small company (former)
Manga Debut Round 415
Anime Debut Round 25 (New Challenger)

Itagaki's Father (板垣父, lit. itagaki chichi) is a recurring supporting character in Hajime no Ippo. He is a middle-aged man whose first name is never revealed in the series. He has a tendency to crack the most terrible of puns, and his poor sense of humor rivals that of Takamura Mamoru's. The two often trade puns at Itagaki Manabu's matches.


Itagaki's Father is first shown in New Challenger as he arrives home in time for dinner. He, along with his family and a due to his son's first boxing victory visiting Makunouchi Ippo, eat together whilst exchanging terrible puns, much to Ippo's discomfort. While he and his family fail to see their failed sense of humor, Ippo sits alone in the midst of the family dinner, eating and saying very little whilst mentally remarking that Itagaki's entire family is devoid of proper humor. He even makes an inappropriate joke implying he and his wife's sex life, which the rest of the family laughs at, but puts off Ippo.


Itagaki's father has a pale complexion and long face with a reasonable amount of wrinkles and facial markings to tell of his age. In New Challenger it is revealed during a family dinner that he is in fact bald and is wearing a wig. He has thin eyebrows, dark colored eyes, and wears a pair of glasses.

None of his children look even remotely like him.


Along with the rest of his family, Itagaki's father has quite the notorious personality of cracking some of the worst puns ever heard. He is shown to have a terrible sense of humor, but is a kind, caring father when his comedic acts are overlooked. He often competes with Takamura over who has the better puns and often gets the last laugh.

Whether he cares about his son's boxing career or not is something of a mystery. He shows up for most of his son's matches, but his main concern seems to be centered around the money Itagaki will earn if he wins.

He passes gas whenever he gets excited. At boxing matches, this upsets those sitting around him.

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