Ippo's Teacher
Ippo's Highschool Teacher
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Manga Debut Round 52
Anime Debut Round 20 (The Fighting)

Ippo's teacher was the person in charge of advising the students of the Shiritsu Zoujirushi High School about career choices.


Ippo's teacher first tried to convince him of going to college since he has such good grades. Upon hearing that Ippo is a boxer, the teacher was very doubtful, as he had personally seen Umezawa and his gang bullying Ippo. After many attempts of convincing Ippo to go to college, he finally gave up, but told him that he would be there if Ippo ever changed his mind. As soon as Ippo left the room, the teacher started shadow boxing, but was caught by Ippo in the act when he returned to get his bag.

At the graduation, he told another teacher that when he heard about Ippo boxing, he encouraged him to do whatever he wanted because he was young.

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