Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 25
Japanese Title: 故意
Romanized Title: Koi
Total Pages: 20
Episodes: Round 12 (p.1-20)
Chapter Chronology
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Intention is the twenty-fifth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



Ippo is informed that he will next fight Fujiwara Yoshio of the Maeda gym, who has 1 win and 1 loss. Ippo begins training motivated by the thought of entering the Rookie King.

The day of the match arrives and Umezawa and his friends arrive at Kourakuen Hall, just before Ippo's match with the pretext of taunting him when he loses against the mean looking opponent who seeks at the advice of his coach the same thing Kamogawa suggests to Ippo; an in-fight.

The match starts and both boxers begin throwing punches at each other. Ippo dodges one of Fujiwara's punches and Fujiwara goes for a counter, but Ippo blocks it completely, he guards against another punch and delivers a strong right to Fujiwara's face. He follows up with a few jabs and a body blow terrifying his opponent. Fujiwara delivers a headbutt which the the referee, can't see. With Ippo dazed, Fujiwara lands a strong right and knocks him down. Ippo gets up, and reminds himself that he can't fall down again and continues his assault. Overwhelmed, Fujiwara hits Ippo with another headbutt and punch combo. Umezawa, Yagi, and Kamogawa all yell at the referee, who finally gets between the two fighters. Fujiwara tells him it's an accident so he warns both fighters to be careful and resumes the match, but Ippo sees Fujiwara grin at him and realizes it wasn't an accident.

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