Hoshi Hiroyuki
Japanese Name 星 洋行
Nickname(s) "One Shot"
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Osaka, Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Style In Fighter
Stance Orthodox stance
Current Affiliation Naniwa Kentou-kai
Trainer Yanaoka
Boxing Record
Total fights 8
Wins 7
Wins by KO 7
Losses 1
Draws 0
Championships West Japan Rookie King

All Japan Rookie King

Manga Debut Round 621
Anime Debut Does not appear

Hoshi Hiroyuki (星 洋行, lit. hoshi hiroyuki) is a character in Hajime no Ippo. He is a Featherweight In fighter and Sendou Takeshi's kouhai affiliated with Naniwa Kentou-kai.


His family owns a karate dojo. He joined the Naniwa Gym out of his admiration of Sendou and like Sendou, he was the West Japan Rookie King. Prior to boxing, Hoshi practiced Karate and would challenge other martial arts schools. He showed up at the gym one day and Sendou took his challenge. Sendou was the first man to stay standing from Hoshi's trademark move, the Seiken, a basic power punch from Karate thrown from the side of the body (which earned Hoshi the nickname "Ichigeki", or "One Shot"). Upon meeting with Makunouchi Ippo, he stated his plan of challenging Ippo right after he beat Itagaki Manabu for the Rookie King title, but he was unsuccessful due to Itagaki's sustained injuries from his fight with Imai Kyosuke.

Later he sent a note to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, challenging Itagaki, and if he wins Ippo must accept a fight for the title against him. Itagaki won the match easily with his superior speed and reflexes in the first round, having achieved genius status.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 7-1-0 Itagaki Manabu KO 1(10) 1996 Osaka, Japan N/A
WIN 7-0-0 Bunsaku Krati KO 1(8) 1996 Osaka, Japan N/A
WIN 6-0-0 Maezono Makoto KO 1(6) 1995 Osaka, Japan West Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals
WIN 5-0-0 Unknown TKO  ?(4) 1995 Osaka, Japan West Japan Rookie King Tournament Semis-Finals
WIN 4-0-0 Unknown KO  ?(4) 1995 Osaka, Japan West Japan Rookie King Tournament Quarter-Finals
WIN 3-0-0 Unknown KO  ?(4) 1994 Osaka, Japan West Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1
WIN 2-0-0 Unknown KO  ?(4) 1994 Osaka, Japan Match after pro debut
WIN 1-0-0 Unknown KO  ?(4) N/A Osaka, Japan Pro Debut


Hoshi Hiroyuki's appearance is somewhat intimidating, much like Sendou during the latter's introduction. His appearance is quite rugged, of average height and well built for a featherweight boxer. Hoshi's hair is cut in the standard buzz cut and his eyebrows are thick. He has a prominent rectangular-shaped nose and a notable amount of stubble. His eye color is never elaborated on in the series.



Hoshi confident that he will defeat Itagaki Manabu

Hoshi displays an extremely brash and hot-blooded personality, much like his senpai Sendou Takeshi. He displays very little respect for others and tends to speak his mind extremely often, regardless of the situation. The only person to earn his respect is Sendou, whom Hoshi regards with utmost respect and politeness. He claims his reason to start boxing was because he admired Sendou's prowess, as the latter was the only person to remain standing after taking Hoshi's signature Seiken directly.

Boxing StyleEdit

Coming from the world of Karate, Hoshi is a very unorthodox boxer. Despite having no ability to outbox and little to no footwork, Hoshi has a powerful one-punch finishing blow called Seiken, also known as Seiken Chudan Tsuki, a punch thrown from the waist. Testaments of Hoshi's power come from how he couldn't find any competition during his karate days and more recently from how easily he dominated the West Japan Rookie King Tournament, even, according to Imai Kyosuke, knocking around the tournament's favor Maezono like he was some child.



Despite his immense strength and one-hit-KO Sunday Punch, Hoshi is remarkably challenged in nearly every other area of boxing. He's lacking in footwork, speed and technique and wouldn't think to compete in any of them. Additionally, as Itagaki demonstrated, His Seiken is easy to counter due to it's simple trajectory and inability to throw in combinations, making it arguably unfit for boxing.