His Dejection
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Volume: 31
Chapter: 272
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 20
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His Dejection is the 272nd chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



As Kimura leaves for training, Takamura explains to Ippo that even though Kimura is nervous, Aoki is even more nervous as he wants to help his rival and best friend become the champion, but lacks the strength to do anything for him.

Kimura arrives to train with Miyata, and is greeted by the latter's father, who tells him to be careful on the spar. When he enters, Kimura sees Miyata shadow Boxing, and is mesmerized by the featherweight's speed and technique. As they get ready to spar, Miyata tells Kimura that there is no way he can actually seal or nullify Mashiba's ability to throw the flicker jab, since it is only a jab. He further states that even if he could, he still would not be able to beat him because he has one major weakness. Kimura is confused given the fact that Miyata had told him earlier that he had no weakness. Miyata decides to demonstrate what he means, and the sparing match begins.

Being an out-boxer, Kimura is able to predict Miyata's moves, and lands some significant punches, however, despite not being an in-fighter, Miyata keeps pressing forward while being hit, until he is within range and starts attacking Kimura. After this, the match ends with Kimura being knocked out.

After being explained by Miyata that what he meant was that despite not having any particular weakness, he has no strengths either, Kimura reflects on other strong boxer's Sunday punches.

While Ippo is out at a restaurant with Kumi explaining how boxing is only a sport and that the match should not affect their relationship. They are interrupted by Kimura, who accuses Ippo of revealing his techniques to the enemy's sister.

Later that night when walking Kumi to her home, Ippo is on the verge of convincing her to not break off contact with him, but they are interrupted this time by Mashiba, who asks Kumi if she is talking to the enemy about his training. He then states that he will win no matter what, to which Ippo replies "that's the spirit" (which was the same phrase he told Kimura). When Mashiba leaves, Kumi follows him and tells Ippo they should really not meet for a while, leaving Ippo depressed.

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