Hachinohe Gym Owner
Hachinoe Kentou-kai
Japanese Name 八戸コーチ
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan
Occupation Hachinohe Boxing Group trainer/owner
Manga Debut Round 28
Anime Debut Round 13 (The Fighting)

Owner and the coach of Hachinohe Boxing Group.


He runs the Hachinohe Boxing Gym which as stated by it's members many times, is very poor. Despite this he maintained a positive attitude with the hope of raising enough money for the gym.


His gym (actually as the banner of the place says it is a boxing group not a gym) has raised two promising boxers; Jason Ozuma and Yamada Naomichi with the the former entering the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and the latter having a match for the JBC title. He served as second to both fighters in their matches. Where he gave advise and moral support but ultimately lost.

Boxers TrainedEdit

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