Genius Stat, is a stat that is given to someone who was born with a talent in the area that he is in, an example of the truly Genius Stat can be Takamura Mamoru, Itagaki Manabu, Volg Zangief, Miyata Ichirou, the four of them were given this stat for each one's personal traits, like Takamura's affinity to boxing, Itagaki's almost god-like concentration, Miyata's lightning speed and Volg's skill in boxing like of which is said to only appear once in a generation.

Sometimes this Stat is confused with people that are Hard Working players, like Makunouchi Ippo who isn't a genius, but a person that from little has been working his muscle (helping his mom in the fishing work) and with the help of Kamogawa Genji he has been turned in to the ultimate infighter.

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