Fukui Kyosuke
Fukui of Tsukahara
Nickname(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Homeland Japan Japan
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Style Out boxer
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Tsukahara Gym
Trainer Tsukahara Coach
Boxing Record
Rank 7 (JBC)
Total fights Unknown
Wins Unknown
Wins by KO Unknown
Losses Unknown
Draws Unknown
Championships Unknown
Manga Debut Round 759
Anime Debut Has yet to appear

Fukui Kyosuke was ranked 7th in JBC, from the Tsukahara gym, a small boxing gym from Sendai. 


Fukui appears late in the history, just after a victory against Malcolm "The Magician" Gedo, which for all intents and purposes should have been a loss, however Gedo gave the match to Fukui. This was so frustrating that Fukui even thought of retiring. However, before doing so, he showed up at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to spar against Makunouchi Ippo, wanting to make good memories as an boxer before retiring. The spar lasted just one round, as Kamogawa told Ippo to beat him in one round, or Ippo would get kicked out from the gym and Fukui didn't fight with his usual style. He stubbornly fought a punching match with Ippo, lasting only 2 minutes 52 seconds before getting knocked out.

Ippo, feeling guilty and not wanting to be the reason a fellow boxer to retired, had an long conversation with Fukui, who had earlier been prodded by Kamogawa, and convinced him that he shouldn't retire. At the gym, Yagi and Kamogawa were talking about Fukui's abilities and Kamogawa admitted he was a skilled boxer who had his basics down and was very determined and passionate; they even speculed that if Fukui fought his usual way, Ippo would finish him off in the middle rounds, but if Fukui had focused on running away to win on points there were no telling to what would have happened. 

Just recently it was said that he was going to be taking part in the Class A tournament. There he met with the other entries including Itagaki Manabu, Saeki Takuma and Karasawa Takuzo. However, he lost via decision to Maezono in the elimination round. Baron came to his gym looking to scam other boxers.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS Maezono Makoto Decision 6(6), 3:00 1997 Tokyo, Japan "Class-A Tournament Round 1"
WIN Malcolm Gedo Decision 10(10) 3:00 1996 Tokyo, Japan
WIN Unknown KO ?(6) 1996 Japan N/A

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