Fujii Minoru
Japanese Name 藤井 稔
Gender Male
Birth date June 6, 1959
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Monthly Boxing Fan journalist
Manga Debut Round 9
Anime Debut Round 6 (The Fighting)
Voice Actor Ono Kenichi
Omoro Masayuki (Drama CD)

Fujii Minoru (藤井 稔) is a reporter, or sports journalist, who works for Monthly Boxing Fan.

A veteran reporter with a keen eye for potential, Fujii is constantly following with his partners the careers of many Japanese boxers. While most other reporters cover only the most important events, Fujii is known to closely report on relatively unknown, upcoming boxers who are considered underdogs.


Fujii was an amateur boxer together with coach Shinoda in their youths. Although Fujii decided to become a sport journalist instead of a pro boxer.


Ippo's Pro DebutEdit

After witnessing the second sparring match between Makunouchi Ippo and Miyata Ichirou, Fujii is surprised at the outcome, as he did not expect someone with Ippo's appearance and experience to defeat a prodigy like Miyata. Proven wrong, Fujii quickly gains interest in Ippo, and begins following his career closely, despite the fact that very few expect anything from the young boxer.

All Japan Rookie King TournamentEdit

After not only Ippo and Miyata, but also Mashiba Ryou (who the public had high expectations for) become professional boxers, Fujii covers the Rookie King Tournament where the trio will be participating along with prodigy Hayami Ryuichi. He gives more attention to Ippo than the other reporters because he already knew Ippo's potential.

He used to be accompanied on assignments by a younger reporter, but sometime before Ippo's second match against Sendou Takeshi he gained a new partner.

Nicknames, etcEdit

Character Nickname Japanese Translation
Takamura Fujii-chan 藤井ちゃん see here
Most Characters
Fujii-san 藤井さん see here
Coach Kamogawa
Fujii-kun 藤井くん see here



Fujii's appearance

Fujii is very laid back and unkept, often looking as though he just woke up. His hair is usually uncombed and he often has stubble in addition to his regular moustache.


Fujii is one of the most knowledgeable and intuitive characters in the series; been able to predict events or figure out techniques before most. He also has many connections within most local gyms, as he frequently visits the members in order to gather and share information. In addition to Ippo, he also seems to be friends with Takamura Mamoru and Date Eiji.


  • "You could sell tickets to a matchup like this!" -Signature quote, often says it during spars.


  • A seldom-noticed running gag of the series is Fujii's constant attempts to quit smoking. He changes between cigarettes and nicotine replacement tubes regularly.

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