Frog Punch
Frog Punch Hit
Alternate Name(s) "Jumping Uppercut"
User(s) Masaru Aoki
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Uppercut
Gazelle Punch

The Frog Punch is a jumping uppercut used by Aoki Masaru as a finishing punch.


Aoki uses it by first ducking under an opponent's hook and then lunging upwards with a powerful uppercut usually to the crowd's cheer and to his friends' chagrin. The motion of the punch mimics that of a leaping frog. Aoki also uses his Frog Punch as a follow-up after using the Look Away.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Despite being used as a running gag throughout the series, the Frog Punch is in fact one of the more dangerous moves in the sport, as the momentum of the leap can add tremendous value to the punch. A more appropriate application of this momentum can be seen in the Gazelle Punch, however, which uses jumping momentum, but doesn't require going airborne and has longer reach and quicker execution.

These are all glaring weakness of the Frog Punch: it cannot be used outside of close range, the wind up is obvious to anyone who's seen it before, and at the same time one cannot afford to miss with it. Trapped in mid-air with one arm stretched out and your body straightened you are the easiest counter target imaginable.


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