Freedom Style
Alternate Name(s) "Freedom"
User(s) Wally
Hand Positions Both hang freely
First Appearance
Manga Round 868
Anime Does not appear
Similar Stance(s)
Similar Stance(s) Pure Violence

Freedom Style refers to a Hybrid style of boxing used by Wally, as well as the unorthodox boxing stance he adopts while employing it. Due to his agility, strength, reflexes, and his time living and playing with the wild gibbon, it is his natural style.



Wally dodging completely Ippo, as he comes back with a punch from that position.

Similar to the Pure Violence style used by Bryan Hawk, Freedom style is so unusual to the sport of boxing that it is difficult to describe along boxing terms. For instance, Wally uses footwork in Freedom style -- but not in the out boxing sense; he uses his feet to jump out of the way of punches. He also bounces off the ropes when trapped in the corner, and can change directions in mid-air by pushing off the ropes.

Offensively, Freedom's stance appears similar to Pure Violence and a brawler's stance, with the application of punches being much the same. There is no guard, the boxer's center is lowered, and punches of many different varieties can be thrown from and at any angle. The genius-level Wally, after only three bouts in the ring, can apply these advantages completely. Among other moves, he can perform Flicker Jabs and use the Smash.



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