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Volume: 13
Chapter: 110
Japanese Title:
Romanized Title:
Total Pages: 19
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Followers!? is the 110th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.


  • Characters Introduced: Yamada Naomichi
  • Locations Introduced: None
  • Techniques Introduced: None
  • Mentioned Boxers: None
  • Title Page Character(s): Makunouchi Ippo


Because of the next event the Kamogawa Boxing Gym will be participating in, featuring Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura, there is a long list of newcomers for the gym. The aspiring boxers who confuse Ippo with a beginner, tell him to stop being a bother while they check out the gym.

Takamura, who is on a diet, becomes annoyed at the sight of so many people, and challenges them to keep up with the road work they usually do. At first it seems like the newcomers can keep up, but they eventually start giving up one after the other. On his way after them, Ippo encounters a kid vomiting, and he encourages him.

After the road work, the only person left, refuses to join as he considers the training to be too difficult. The gym members lose all hopes until they see one of them is still running. To their surprise, it turns out to be the vomiting kid, and they leave him for Ippo. Ippo greets the newcomer, and the latter responds by vomiting on his shirt.

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