Flower of Hope


Episode Info

Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 22
Duration: 22:52

Episode Chronology

The End of the Death Match The Courage to Live

Flower of Hope is the 22nd episode of Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, and it was released on March 8th, 2014.

This episode, shows the backstory of Kamogawa and Nekota in their younger years. And it is the start of the After the War Arc.

At the beggining, we see young Dankichi, Nekota and Kamogawa having fun, and doing some footwork around the rivers of Tokyo in the 40s. Ralph Anderson, with his fellow second Miguel Zale appear, in the fight were Dankichi defeated, while Kamogawa came to see how they are doing. After the americans, throwed to the crowd something to eat. The only person who didnt picked them up was a beautifull girl who Kamogawa and Nekota met, named Yuki. Later Anderson beats both Kamogawa and Nekota. She didn't need any help at all, but then because she didn't have were to sleep she went to Kamogawa's place, and Nekota followed. They continued for many months like that. 



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