Feedback, Confidence
Chapter Info
Volume: 107
Chapter: 1045
Japanese Title: フィードバック、信頼
Romanized Title: Fīdobakku, shinrai
Total Pages: 17
Chapter Chronology
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Feedback, Confidence is the 1045th chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



The fight between Ippo Makunouchi and Alfredo Gonzales continues. They exchanges a lot of punches but Makunouchi is the one who takes almost all of the hits. In the crowd Mashiba Ryou and Sendou Takeshi talks about Gonzale's hits and Makunouchi's landing Body blows.

Again in the crowd, we see Miyata Ichirou and Fujii Minoru . Fujii talks about Makunouchi's taken hits. Miyata talks about Makunouchi, he always been the type to take hits, the real question is, how Gonzales feels. Miyata explains that it doesn't matter how much hit you land against Makunouchi. He will fight back till the end and while doing this, you will think, are my punches effecting him or is it working and you will get anxious and then you will start to feel the mental pressure. Miyata mentions the last person knock him off his feet was Sanada Kazuki on his 14th match and Kojima Hisato on his 24th match, he doesn't gone down since (in the last 10 matches). In the mean time, while Makunouchi and Gonzales fights, the bell rings, referee jumps between them, breaks them up and second round ends. While Gonzales goes his corner he thinks, Makunouchi is thinking he is getting somewhere, that he can push the fight in his range. In the mean time Makunouchi goes his corner and he thinks, he can actually hit world's number two fighter. Gonzales's coach, wants him to avoid the body blows, but he doesn't listen and then coach reminds him the bad habits of his. Gonzales bows his head and says he's fine and clam. Miyata describes what Makunouchi will do trough out his match. He will keep the same strategy in the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds. Miyata thinks, how do you push Makunouchi back, how do you defeat him, is Gonzales have any ideas to defeat him? On the Makunouchi's corner Coach Kamogawa tries to stop bleeding. Stopping the bleeding is not that important for Makunouchi, because when he close in on him, it won't be hard to judge the distance for him. Now he nows, his punches are connecting. He stands up, right now things are going his way and then bell rings.

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