Fearless Challenger


Episode Info

Season: Third (Rising)
Episode: 11
Duration: 22:52

Episode Chronology

The Face of Determination The Anti-Dempsey Perfected

Fearless Challenger is the 11th episode in the new Hajime no Ippo: Rising series, and was released on December 28th, 2013.

The match against Sawamura starts with him doing some tricks non boxing and thinking that Ippo didn't evolve or anything, until Ippo starts dodging his counters every time. After that round, the second round starts and Sawamura unleashes his so called technique Bullet and Ippo gets a rough time trying to dodge all of them. After that round Sawamura, finally uses another technique of his, called Flash . Ippo was saved by the bell. Having the episode come to an end when Sawamura said, the meat is still rough and needs to be more taken.



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