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Extra Round: Kimura vs. Mashiba

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Extra Round: Kimura VS. Mashiba
Episode 78 Extra Round Kimura VS Mashiba
Name Information
Kanji: 木村 タツヤ VS. 間柴 了
Romaji: Kimura Tatsuya VS. Mashiba Ryou
Episode Information
Season: First (The Fighting!)
Episode in Season: 78
Episode in Series: 78
Manga Chapters: 270-289
Duration: 1:01:30
Episode Chronology
Champion Road A New First Step

Kimura VS Mashiba is an OVA following the title match for the JBC Junior Lightweight championship between Kimura Tatsuya and Mashiba Ryou. It covers chapters 270-289 of the manga. It is after the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo. Literally it is the 78th episode in the series.



Characters IntroducedEdit

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Techniques IntroducedEdit

Locations IntroducedEdit

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Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

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