Extending Punch
Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.36.28 AM
Alternate Name(s) "Magic Punch"
User(s) Malcolm Gedo
First Appearance
Manga Round 774
Anime Not yet appeared

The Extending Punch is a technique used by Malcolm Gedo, notably in his fight with Makunouchi Ippo. Gedo, nicknamed "The Magician", had a reputation for mysteriously being able to "extend" his arms. This punch is suppose to break the rhythm and perception of the opponent.


The "trick" is performed when Malcolm loosens the strings on his left glove and then throws a punch. His glove almost shoots off his hand because it isn't tight enough. Because of this, Gedo gains (at most) an inch in his reach. Though only a small distance, the punch is effectively against boxers due to their sensitive depth perception. To Ippo, it appears as if Gedo "teleported" away from him, while spectators only see Ippo punching the air.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The Extending Punch is intended as a distraction to avoid damage and frustrate the opponent due to their inability to read distance. The loose gloves produce a whip effect, causing cuts and swelling after multiple hits.

However, as Gedo does not clench his fist, the punches do minimal damage. Additionally, Gedo uses the technique along with his footwork to evade attacks. As he accumulates more damage to his body, Gedo is no longer able to move around, effectively sealing the technique and forcing Gedo to fight normally, bringing himself into Makunouchi's strengths.

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