Ippo vs take

Dual Exchanging punches!

An exchange or dual-exchange in boxing occurs when two boxers trade punches. This often leads to simultaneous hits, and subsequently the boxer with greater strength and/or endurance gains the upper hand. Occasionally, however, one or both of the boxers will dodge or parry the other's punch.

Exchanges are common between in fighters, who are very offense-oriented. Out boxers usually only throw punches they know will hit, so exchanges are not common between them.

In Hajime no Ippo, when two boxers exchange punches repeatedly:

  • If their punches hit it becomes a slugfest. The boxer with more punching power, endurance, and/or fighting 

    Sendo and Ippo exchanging punches!

    spirit will eventually win.
  • If their punches miss it becomes a high-level exchange. The boxer with greater technique
    will eventually hit.

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