Hajime no Ippo Ending 3 -Creditless-01:24

Hajime no Ippo Ending 3 -Creditless-

Hajime no Ippo Ending 3 by SABER TIGER

Eternal Loop is the third ending song for the first season anime Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!
Starting Episode 53 So That I Can Be Myself
Ending Episode 76 (75 not included) Boxer's Fist
Length TV Version: 1:23
Full Version: 8:42

Lyrics Edit

I get up again... With my wounded body. Tomorrow's the only way to go. "Palms are for loving." That's what I was told. I squeezed and hid my fists for love to live. (for love to live)

The true meaning of why I'm not loving alone. I realize in a chain of breaths that has been handed down. I hoped to live in a pure future. Emination that I am battling earnestly.

  • Repeated destruction and sins.

If that's the fate of the human race. I will grab tomorrow with only my hands... And cut the ring...

    • Even if I can't deal with my long, long life.

I don't want to mistake the place to live for the place to death. No matter what.....


  • Repeat
    • Repeat

With the strength of stepping out, From the closed eternal loop. I will spread my weak wings until my heart's content.

I can't help myself dreaming the same dream. No matter how much pain (how much pain) I've got! (I've got! I've got!) No matter how much (No matter how much) I've lost in deep darkness. I have my future in hand. Go forward from now on.

[talk] In a spiral woodland, tomorrow never comes by screaming. Despair won't get me heard anything. There weren't any stars to the sky, anywhere. People sowed hopes in the hearts. The time, you have spent wasn't wasted. There will be someone waiting for you. Until then, I hope you live precious life.

[Interlude 2]

In spite of looking back hangs heavy upon me. I won't blame myself anymore. While I've been feeling people's pain. I've been hurt enough already.

Let me catch dropping tears on my palm. And I will keep watching forever. When the tears dry out by gentle light. I should see my hope... 1: This is the lyric for the full 8:42 version. 2: In addition to a TV size, an image song version exists for Episode 74. It is only slightly shorter, and ends at the end of Interlude 2.

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