Eleki Battery
Gender Male
Homeland Philippines Philippines
Boxer Info
Weight Class Junior Lightweight
Height 172.5 cm (5'8")
Reach 172.5 -68"
Style Out Boxer
Stance Orthodox Stance
Current Affiliation Battery Gym
Boxing Record
Rank C (Philippines)
Total fights 17
Wins 14
Wins by KO 7
Losses 1
Draws 2
Championships Filipino Junior Lightweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 520
Anime Debut Round 16 (Rising)

Eleki Battery is an out boxer, counter specialist, and national champion who has fought against Tatsuya Kimura twice, both times resulting in a draw.


The Filipino Champion that rose to the top with his Counter Punching compensating for his weak body, which was exposed during his fight against Tatsuya Kimura. The match ended in a draw, but the two would meet again to settle the score the following year.

Match HistoryEdit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
DRAW 14-1-2 Kimura Tatsuya Decision 10(10), 3:00 1996-03 Yokohama, Japan N/A
DRAW 14-1-1 Kimura Tatsuya Decision 10(10), 3:00 1995-08 Yokohama, Japan N/A


Eleki Battery has a well-built body and darker skin. His defining feature is his haircut, which features a lightning bolt shaved on the top his head. This feature was ridiculed by the Kamogawa crew, and Takamura Mamoru made a bet with Kimura Tatsuya that he would have to have an identical haircut if he lost the match. After drawing the match instead, Kimura opted to have a small version shaved behind his ear.


His personality was never revealed and of how exactly he acts, as he never spoke it is unknown what personality he has, and never will.

Fighting style and techniquesEdit

Like the Papaya Dachiu and Aoki Masaru matchup, Eleki Battery has a similar style to Kimura, being well-rounded. Kimura realised, too late, that Battery's weakness was his body. Before their second match, Battery worked exclusively to strengthen his lower body and removing his only known weakness.



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