The information on this page his highly speculative, meaning it is either unconfirmed or not clarified in the manga.
Ecstasy (State)
Alternate Name(s) N/A
User(s) Known: Bryan Hawk
Most likely: Mashiba Ryou, Sawamura Ryuuhei and Itagaki Manabu
Real-Life User(s) N/A
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Ecstasy (エクスタシー lit. ekusutashī) is the name of a bodily condition Bryan Hawk possesses that Miguel Zale names and establishes during Bryan's match against Takamura Mamoru. Despite its namesake, Ecstasy is not caused by induction of drugs or foreign substances.


Aside from a sudden increase in bloodthirst and violent behavior from Hawk, his pupils become green and the whites of his eyes red and strained. This may simply be a stylized effect by the artist, similar to the way numerous characters' eyes glow green in the anime, but the fact that this is the only such stylized effect to occur in both the manga and anime hints that it may really be happening to Hawk.

Its effects are never fully explained by Miguel Zale, but it is mentioned by Hawk that "this feeling" (Ecstasy) gives him a burning sensation that can only be extinguished by continued violence or being in bed with women. In the manga, he becomes sexually aroused while under the condition; the vulgarity is omitted in the anime. Ecstasy is activated a total of two times during Hawk's fight with Takamura, and doesn't last long in both instances.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Although it is never mentioned that Ecstasy gives him strength, it does give the Hawk a newfound lust and wildness for combat and battle. Its effects are similar to the actual drug by the same name, though it is unknown if Ecstasy causes Hawk to hallucinate.

Due to its uncontrollable nature, disregard for injuries sustained, and tendency to activate whenever Hawk is in a pinch, Ecstasy may lead to further injuries, as seen in Hawk's final round against Takamura, where his ecstasy activated when he was on the brink of unconsciousness. This led to his eventual knockout, downfall, and complete retirement from boxing.

Ecstasy may be related to endorphin rush.

Other UsersEdit

It is possible that other boxers in the series experienced Ecstasy as well, since they undergo much of the described symptoms. These boxers include:

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