East Japan Rookie King Tournament Final
Chapter Info
Volume: 7
Chapter: 58
Japanese Title: 東日本新人王準決勝
Romanized Title: Higashinihon shinjin-ō junkesshō
Total Pages: 18
WSM Issue: ?
Chapter Chronology
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 East Japan Rookie King Tournament Final is the fifty-eighth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



When the semi-finals for the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finally arrive, both Hayami and Ippo enter the ring, with the latter showing a swollen face full of bruises, and massive media coverage for the former. As the place is divided between cheers (with all girls in favor of Hayami), both fighters are introduced. Before the bell rings, Kamogawa tells Ippo that the counter chance will only come once.

In the locker room, Miyata and his father are getting ready, when the former makes a mistake, which causes his father to scold him, he stops noticing it is time for Ippo's fight and begs him to win.

Ippo has in mind what he was told by his coach, and is ready to battle as the bell rings.

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