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A tournament for all Rookies of the East of Japan.

Known winners in middleweightEdit

Known Boxeurs 
Takamura Mamoru

Known winners in featherweightEdit

Known Boxeurs
Makunouchi Ippo
Date Eiji
Karasawa Takuzou
Okita Keigo
Itagaki Manabu
Shigeta Akira

Known Opponents Boxeurs Edit

Boxeurs Ranks Finals
Okita Keigo Winner
Jason Ozuma 1st Round
Hayami Ryuuichi Demis-Finals
Mashiba Ryo Runner-UP
Hoshi Hiroyuki Winner
Miyata Ichirou Demis-Finals
Kobashi Kenta Quarts-Finals
Shigeta Akira Winner
Yoshida Mitsuo 1st Round
Iwakawa 1st Round
Mazeono Makoto Runner-UP
Fujisawa 1st Round
Makunouchi Ippo Winner
Kawaishi Tetsuya Quarts-Finals
Takada Teruhiko 1st Round
Date Eiji Winner
Sendou Takeshi Winner (West Japan Rookie Tournament)
Nakayama Tadashi 1st Round
Urayasu Yoshiharu Quarts-Finals
Takamura Mamoru Winner
Kiba Tetsuji Quarts-Finals
Makino Fumito Demis-Finals
Terai Makoto Demis-Finals
Karasawa Takuzou Winner
Imai Kyousuke Runner-UP
Itagaki Manabu Winner

Known MVPEdit

Known Boxeurs
Itagaki Manabu
Makunouchi Ippo
Takamura Mamoru

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