Double Punch
User(s) Aoki Masaru
First Appearance
Manga ?

Double Punch (ドブル・パンチ lit. daburu panchi) is a unique, unofficially named punch created and used by Aoki Masaru against an inexperienced Yamada Naomichi whilst sparring. It was also used against Imae Katsutaka during the title match. Like many other moves created by Aoki, Double Punch deviates from the basics and fundamentals of boxing.


When executing the Double Punch, the user raises both hands to distract the opponent, and when they try to guess the feint from the real punch you throw a right and left straight simultaneusly, striking the target in the face.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Never fully elaborated on, the Double Punch was simply considered another gimmick created by Aoki, whose boxing skills were downplayed and ridiculed for much of the storyline. Generally speaking, punching double-handed is bad for speed, power, rhythm and even penetration because the gloves block eachother, and won't twist the target's head in either direction. In fact the bizarreness and lack of logic behind the punch is so great... that it's actually useful due to the element of surprise. It relies heavily on an opponent's lack of experience.

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