Doing What's Left
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 12
Japanese Title: やり残したこと
Romanized Title: Yari Nokoshita Koto
Pages: 19
Arc: Early Days Arc
Anime: Round 7 (p. 1-19)
Chapter Chronology
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Doing What's Left is chapter 12 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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Miyata stands triumphantly over Ippo as Takamura begins the count. Fujii tells his partner to be ready to interview Miyata, but Ippo begins to stand up. Before they can continue, the gong to end the third round rings.

Miyata tells his father that he can't take any more of Ippo's punches, so he has to continue with his clever tactics. Meanwhile, Kamogawa cleans Ippo's nose so he can breath better and asks him if he wants to quit. Ippo replies that originally all he wanted to do was get close to Miyata in skill, but now he has gone beyond that and wants to win. Kamogawa asks Ippo if he's sure, and Ippo says there is still one more thing he hasn't done.

The final round begins and Miyata instantly pushes Ippo to the ropes and pummels him. Ippo perseveres with the turtle strategy, but Miyata's speed doesn't drop and Ippo drops his guard. Miyata goes for the final blow, and Ippo uses the opportunity to launch his uppercut which seemingly misses by a hair. Miyata again goes for the final blow but suddenly drops to his knees instead.