Devil's Advent

Devil's Advent
Episode Info
Season: Second Season (New Challenger)
Episode: 07
Duration: 23:00
Episode Chronology
A Figure to Chase After Spirit for One Last Attack

Devil's Advent is the 7th episode of Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger series, and it was released on Febuary 17th, 2009.

Date Eiji's second Title Match starts after seven years. With him facing the legendary World Champion once again, Ricardo Martinez. The epic battle of two veterans has a really good start, but after a few rounds of Date Eiji not using his special attack, heartbreak shot, he gets hit really much from Ricardo. The crowd gets worried, but then after the bell rung for the next round he finally made his so called magic punch, heartbreak shot. The episode ends it there.



Characters IntroducedEdit

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Techniques IntroducedEdit

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Locations IntroducedEdit

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Round: 330 - Round: 333 Round: 334 - Round: 337 Round: 338 - Round: 339

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

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