Debut Match!
Name Information
Kanji: デビュー戦!
Romaji: Debyū sen!
Episode Information
Season: First (The Fighting)
Episode in Season: 10
Episode in Series: 10
Manga Chapters: Round 17 (p.1-19)

Round 18 (p.1-20) Round 19 (p.1-4)

Duration: 23:59
Episode Chronology
C Class License Obsession for Victory

Debut Match! is the 10th episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo, and it was released in December 5, 2000.


The coach announces that Ippo's next opponent is Oda Yusuke. Yagi Haruhiko states that Oda has five matches, three wins, two losses. Everyone believes Ippo will win an easy match, which puts Ippo under pressure. Elsewhere, Mikami is looking for Oda, who is having a date with Mikami's daughter. Mikami finds him and starts an argument about not doing road work and how he lacks stamina. Reiko goes to the Chuuka Soba with her friend, while Kimura, Takamura and Ippo arrives. Kimura and Takamura tells Ippo he shouldn't be worried about facing Oda, as he is gutless and a clown. Aoki then tries out his Playing Card Fortune Telling, Takamura states that Aoki's accuracy is on point, Aoki then shows that Ippo's fortune says he will win, Takamura and Kimura laugh as Ippo is confused.

After Oda is finished training at the gym, he finds Reiko waiting for him. Reiko tells Oda that people are still training in the gym, Oda replies that he is a natural and needs no extra training, he tries to bring his hand on her shoulder before she slaps his hand away. Reiko says she is losing faith in Oda and that she is breaking up with him if he loses the match, she then tells him that she heard his opponent's friends call him pathetic. Meanwhile, Ippo asks Takamura why he and Kimura laughed, Takamura replies that Aoki's result is always the opposite of what he predicts.

Oda arrives at the gym, his coach is surprised that he wants to train to win against Ippo. Oda and Ippo trains until the day before the match. At Kourakuen Hall, Ippo and Oda goes to the weight check, Ippo goes and greets Oda, who then glares at Ippo. After the weight check, Ippo goes jogs, while jogging, he remembers the day he caught ten leaves. At the day of the match, he goes to Kourakuen Hall and waits for his match. As the match is called, Ippo and Oda enter the ring.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Techniques IntroducedEdit

  • None.

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Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

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