Cross-Arm Block
User(s) Arnie Gregory
Kobashi Kenta
Makunouchi Ippo
Saeki Takuma
Sendo Takeshi
Real-Life User(s) Various
First Appearance
Manga Round 45
Anime Round 18 (The Fighting)

The cross-arm block is a defensive move in boxing.


The boxer crosses both their arms to protect their upper-body area, with the inner forearm facing outward. The arms make a plus cross in some depictions; on others the cross is an X. The plus cross is tighter and protects the frontal area more completely, so it is presumably the correct form.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

This defense is useful in blocking jabs and straights, though it leaves the body susceptible to body blows (in the X form), liver blows (in the plus form), and leaves the face open for hooks (whichever form). A way to compensate for this is by bobbing and weaving.



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