User(s) Various, but notably
Miyata Ichirou
Alexander Volg Zangief
Sawamura Ryuuhei
Real-Life User(s) Various
First Appearance
Manga Round 4
Anime Round 3 (The Fighting)
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Corkscrew Counter
Bloody Cross
Cross Counter
Jolt Counter
Pin-point counter
A Counter is the action of throwing a punch after an opponent throws theirs.


After an opponent either begins to throw a punch, or their punch misses, the user throws a punch on an unguarded area of the opponent's body. Alternately, the user can block, parry, or shoulder roll a punch and then counter. This requires a high level of reaction time and reflex because the counterpunch must be timed perfectly to be able to hit, otherwise the user would be open to hits. Generally, boxers stare at their opponent's shoulders because these parts of the body move first when someone attempts to throw a punch. At the first sign of shoulder's movement, the user throws a counter to the opponent. The Motionless Jab makes this strategy useless, as the Motionless Jab lets the user not move their shoulders or elbows.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Because the opponent is on the offensive and putting weight forward to throw punches, their own power is turned against them, combined with the force of the counter punch itself, amplifying it further. When accurate, they can be truly devastating.

However, a missed counter punch can lead to the user to be hit because counters are usually thrown while the opponent is throwing his. In some cases, if a boxer throws a counter too slow, the opponent can counter the counter, making the boxer who threw the original counter, in serious trouble.