Corner Work
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User(s) Wally
First Appearance
Manga Round 876
Anime Has yet to appear
Itagaki's Corner work

Itagaki using Corner Work against Imai

This technique was used once throughout the series, when Ippo fought Wally. This is the second technique Wally uses in his Freedom Style.


Wally possesses great agility that can be used when he is in the corner, he is seen jumping from each side of the corner to gain speed in order to do two things:

  1. Escape from the corner and execute a counter when the opponent has turned around to find Wally
  2. Counter his opponent by using his speed

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

It requires remarkable acrobatic skills mixed into one's rhythm, but if performed right it can make the boxer even more effective in the corner than in the center of the ring. This can completely ruin the opponent's rhythm since most in-fighters and brawlers alike love chasing the opponent into the corner, making them naturally overconfident since their foe is almost out of free space. The first one was used against Volg Zangief and the second was used against Makunouchi Ippo.