Coach's Training
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 8
Japanese Title: 会長のしごき
Romanized Title: kaichou no shigoki
Total Pages: 20
WSM Issue: ?
Episodes: Round 5 (p. 1-20)
Chapter Chronology
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Coach's Training is the eight chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



As Ippo begins his training with the coach, the former begins to feel fatigue from the running. The coach asks if Ippo truly wants to defeat Miyata's counter and he answers by persevering. Returning to the gym, the coach teaches Ippo about absorbing half the damage of a counter by stepping into the punch. Ippo then spends the next few days going through various body strengthening exercises.

While in the shower Takamura catches Ippo with a towel on, and making fun of him for hiding behind the towel, decides to pull it off only to realize that Ippo is "bigger" than he is. As a form of apology, he takes Ippo to Chuuka Soba. Upon arrival they are met by fellow gym member Aoki who works there as a chef, and reveals that he wishes to open a restaurant with prize money after he retires, to which Takamura jokingly replies that Aoki's cooking is much better than his boxing. Takamura mentions how he will have to stop eating and taking showers in order to stay in the middleweight ranking. Upon hearing this Ippo realizes that everyone works hard to box for their own reasons and resolves to work harder himself.

Two months later Ippo has showed a near-impossible amount of growth. After a session of mitt exercises where the coach feels firsthand Ippo's power, he decides it is time for the rematch and schedules the bout for the next day. As Miyata's father talks with his son, the latter reveals that he has already created a counter for Ippo's uppercut.


  • A character named Aoki appears as a sparring partner for Miyata in Shadow Boxing, but he and Aoki Masaru are not revealed to be the same character until the manga chapter Progress with Courage.

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