Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 11
Japanese Title: チャンス!!
Romanized Title: Chansu!!
Pages: 19
Arc: Early Days Arc
Anime: Round 6 (p. 1-9)

Round 7 (p. 9-19)

Debut: Techniques:
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Chance!! is chapter 11 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

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Ippo attempts an uppercut on Miyata who despite his blurry vision, lands a devastating counter that knocks Ippo down as he grazes his opponents's cheek. To everyone's surprise, Ippo is able to stand right before Takamura ends the first round.

Miyata tells his father that Ippo is different from 3 months ago, and from Round two on he will fight him as though they are the same level. Meanwhile, Ippo is (to Kamogawa's surprise) in a good mind state for being able to hit Miyata this time around. Fujii and his partner discuss how Miyata has a better chance of winning for being able to connect his Sunday punch.

The second round begins and both boxers go at it as the gym becomes divided between Miyata's and Ippo's fans. Fujii notes that they "may be witnessing the legendary name-match that will never be seen in a pro ring". Miyata uses clinches to recover until the end of the second round.

The third round begins and Miyata is able to use his legs again and lands three punches on Ippo. Ippo tries to hit him with a punch, but Miyata dodges and and lands two body blows. Ippo's legs begin to get weak and Fujii notes that the difference in experience is finally starting to show. Miyata lands several punches to Ippo's face causing him to fall. As Ippo wishes he could stay standing, Miyata triumphantly asks "How's that!?".

Chapter Notes

  • The Clinch is used for the first time.