Native Name ชนะ
Gender Male
Homeland Thailand Thailand
Family Payao (Big Brother)
Manga Debut Round 126
Anime Debut Round 39 (The Fighting)
Anime Final Round 18 (Rising)
Voice Actor Chie Kojiro

Chana is Payao's little brother. Chana likes boxing a lot, but doesn't care much about muay thai. Like Payao, he stood on the side of Miyata Ichirou during his decline in Thailand and helped him to persevere. Chana wanted to finally see Miyata smile and his wish was granted after Miyata KO'd Jimmy Sisphar.

While Miyata's OPBF title defense against Medgoen Dachboy took place, Chana is seen talking with Maria, Medgoen's daughter, who is healed from her illness. Maria said that she was alright, but after Chana stated that he looked up to Miyata because of his remarkable counters, she began to worry.

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