C Class License
Name Information
Kanji: C級ライセンス
Romaji: C kyū raisensu
Episode Information
Season: First (The Fighting)
Episode in Season: 9
Episode in Series: 9
Manga Chapters: Round 15 (p.13-33)

Round 16 (p.1-19)

Duration: 23:59
Episode Chronology
Promise to Meet Again Debut Match!

C Class License is the 9th episode of the first anime season of Hajime no Ippo, and it was released in November 28, 2000.


Ippo and Takamura heads to Ippo's pro test at the hall and does his weight check, which is 124.5 pounds. At the weight check, Ippo notices a man that is around his weight. At the ring, Fujii talks with Takamura about how he is interested with Ippo and another fighter. Takamura, wondering where Ippo, went to check the bathroom, finds Ippo and tells him that his turn is next. Ippo nervously enters the ring, making his opponent think it's going to be an easy fight. The bell rings, Ippo and his opponent dashes, his opponent throws multiple punches as Ippo dodges, while noticing that his opponent is slower than Miyata. Ippo knocks his opponent out by dodging, then delivering a one-two.

The next pro test match starts, Mashiba and his opponent enters the ring. The bell rings, Mashiba's opponent stops in his tracks as he watches Mashiba readying his Hitman style stance. Mashiba starts throwing flicker jabs at his opponent, who is overwhelmed with flicker punches. As his opponent is not moving, the the referee tries to stop Mashiba, but fails as Mashiba pushes the referee away and continues punching the opponent. The bell rings and the match is finished.

Outside, Ippo and Takamura talks about Mashiba's flicker jab, Takamura tells Ippo about the user of the flicker jab, Thomas Hearns. Fujii walks over and introduces Ippo to Mashiba. Mashiba states to Ippo that Ippo will not reach the top of the Featherweight class as long as Mashiba exists. Mashiba then asks Ippo if he wants to switch classes, Ippo denies and states that he promised to meet someone at the East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

After school, Ippo runs to the gym and receives his boxer license from Yagi. As Ippo is going home, he runs into Umezawa and his gang, Umezawa tells Ippo that he knows he goes to a boxing gym and wonders if it is for revenge. Ippo drops his license and Umezawa picks it up, teasing Ippo by not giving it back. Ippo rushes pass the gang and snatches the license from Umezawa's hands. Ippo tells them that he is not boxing for revenge, instead, because he likes boxing. At the gym, Fujii brings Ippo some boxing videos for him to watch. Takamura and Ippo watches a video of Miyata winning his debut match. Fujii then shows them Mashiba's debut match. After watching the video, the coach and Yagi begins to announce Ippo's opponent for his debut match.


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Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

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