User(s) Sawamura Ryuuhei
First Appearance
Manga Round 485
Anime Round 11 (Rising)
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Corkscrew blow
Flicker Jab

The Bullet (弾丸) is a powerful jab Sawamura throws by twisting both his shoulder and his wrist inwards.

The name of this technique is written in ateji and read as Baretto (バレット), though the kanji used does mean bullet.


Sawamura only performs this technique in his unorthodox stance, in which his left arm is already halfway extended toward the opponent. When he throws the Bullet, he straightens his arm out, and twists his wrist, forearm, and shoulder inward, toward his chest. When he pulls back his fist, his arm remains halfway extended.

There's no trick involved; just like the flicker jab, all it requires is a lot of training, technique, and a strong wrist. This jab is similar to the Corkscrew blow; however, unlike the Corkscrew, it's a left instead of the usual right and can be thrown in rapid succession due to the positioning of Sawamura's lead arm.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The Bullet showcases a notable lack of wind-up or wind-down time; this can be due to Sawamura's naturally quick hand speed, the way he positions his arm, or both. Altogether, it is a highly compact, rapid punch, and because all of the power is fixated on a single target, it also has a high level of penetration (like a bullet).

It is a form of out boxing and counter-boxing at the same time, since it gives more weight to normal jabs and baits the opponent to slip around it and press toward the body, where Sawamura's right will be waiting.

Miyata described Sawamura as having a springing rhythm, meaning his pivot leg (the leg with the most weight on it) is actually his hind leg. Normally an in-fighter's pivot leg is always his front leg and an out-boxer's changes constantly so they would not lose speed. Using his hind leg means Sawamura actually "springs" forward when he jabs.

To Miyata, this is a potential weakness. Every kind of punch, even a jab, can stagger Sawamura if it misses, leading to counter opportunies. However, this has never happened due to Sawamura's incredible sense of range.

Ippo has also demonstrated that the jab has a readable rhythm.


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