Hajime No Ippo-Hajime no Ippo Rising Ending01:20

Hajime No Ippo-Hajime no Ippo Rising Ending

Buchikome!! is the ending theme song for the third season anime Hajime no Ippo: Rising and the 5th ending of the series.

Artist Shikuramen
Starting Episode 105 The Greatest Challenger
Ending Episode 129 A Vow
Length TV Version: 1:19
Full Version: 3:45

Lyrics Buchikome!! (English ver.) Edit

Ah i'll surely be finished if i don't make a change.

What i need above anything else is action.

If you only dream, it will never come true.

It'll only come true if you get up and go.

Put everything on the line.

Let's get out there right now.

If your heart is weary

If your heart is filled with rainclouds

Give all you got in one blow.

and get yourself that win.

I'm not the man i was yesterday.

These are the words i want to shout.

I'm still fired up

I will always feel this way.

and throw myself into the mix.

I will face everything head on.

There is nothing that can stop me.

I am a new man today!

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