Bloody Cross
User(s) Arnie Gregory
First Appearance
Manga Round 320
Anime Round 2 (New Challenger)
Similar Technique(s)
Similar technique(s) Counter
Short uppercut
The Bloody Cross is the trademark special punch of former OPBF Champion Arnie "Crocodile" Gregory that was used against Miyata Ichirou in his challenge for the title.


When the Cross Counter is thrown by Miyata against Gregory, he quickly bends his outstreched arm at the elbow, throwing the cross counter off-angle. Amidst the confusion, he then follows through with a devastating short right upper to the exposed chin of Miyata, who is already known for being susceptible to attacks due to his frail figure.

This tactic was specifically designed to shut down counter punchers completely, proving Arnie to be a most difficult opponent for Miyata.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The name implies a "cross painted in blood", referencing to the "cross" made when a fighter throws a cross counter, a punch that loops over top of an opponent's jab or straight of the opposing hand to connect cleanly with the opponent's open face and jaw. Combined with the properties of a counter and the physics in play as the opponent is moving forward into the punch, and Gregory's impressive power, it lives up to its name Bloody Cross.

However, the technique falls apart when Miyata puts his entire weight into the counter.


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