Black Boxer
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 28
Japanese Title: 黒人ボクサー
Romanized Title: Kokujin Bokusaa
Total Pages: 19
Episodes: Round 13 (p.1-19)
Chapter Chronology
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Black Boxer is the twenty-eighth chapter of Morikawa Jouji's manga series Hajime no Ippo.



As Kamogawa and Yagi discuss Jason Ozuma's impressive 3-3-0-3 record, Aoki eavesdrops and informs Ippo that his opponent is really powerful. Nervous at first, Ippo thinks to himself that regardless of how strong the opponent it, he is still just human.

Meanwhile at the Hachinohe Kentou-kai, Ozuma pummels his sparring partner, to the praise of his coach, who says that the Rookie Kings is the best place for him to shine. While sewing a bag, the coach's wife hurts her finger, Ozuma then takes over the sewing. Recalling how he was homeless until he enrolled in the Hachinoe Kentou-kai, he promises to become stronger and earn money to improve the gym and help his family.

Days later in, Ippo arrives at the gym, and Takamura runs up to him saying that Ippo's problem is that he is not used to black boxers, so he has Aoki paint himself black to act as Ippo's sparring partner. After Aoki feels unappreciated as they laugh at him, Ippo thanks him for helping ease all the tension he had and prepares for the spar.

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