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Antonio Guevarra is the current Philippine Featherweight Champion, who fights Makunouchi Ippo.

Antonio Guevarra
Antonio G
Japanese Name アントニオ・ゲバラ
Gender Male
Birth date (?), 1980
Homeland Philippines Philippines
Boxer Info
Weight Class Featherweight
Height 168.1 cm (5'6")
Reach 173 cm (68")
Style Out boxer
Stance Southpaw
Boxing Record
Rank Champion (Philippines)
Total fights 3
Wins 2
Wins by KO 1
Losses 1
Draws 0
Championships Filipino Featherweight Champion
Manga Debut Round 1174
Manga Final Currently recurring
Anime Debut Does not appear



Antonio's past

Antonio is from a poor family beneath the Smokey Mountain. His goal is to bring back a lot of money for his family of two parents and six siblings.


Malcolm Gedo vs Antonio GuevarraEdit

Antonio defeated Malcolm Gedo by unanimous decision, becoming the new Featherweight Champion of the Philippines.

Makunouchi Ippo vs Antonio GuevarraEdit

A day before his match with the former JBC Champion Makunouchi Ippo, he offers a handshake to him during their stare down. Antonio uses his left hand to greet his opponent because of his instincts as a natural southpaw.

The day of the match arrives, Antonio enters the ring with confidence and not understanding what the audience is saying. The first round begins as the bell rings, Antonio uses his right jabs and speed to keep Ippo out of range and prevent him from infighting. However, Ippo realizes he needs to close in on Antonio. As Ippo dashes to him, Antonio throws a left straight, Ippo however ducks under his left straight and hits him with a solar plexus blow. Ippo then punches Antonio in the face, sending him into the ropes where he bounces off and falls on his face, with the referee stepping in to send Ippo to a neutral corner. After Ippo's surprising dash downs Guevara, the audience is in an uproar. "He's national champion class!" people cheer. Even Sendo's jaw dropped. Mashiba says that Ippo's dash isn't ordinary, that to be able to knock someone back to the ropes that hard in one instant is just insane. Fuji comments that aren't big hits like that supposed to be all flash? Miyata notes that Ippo's dashing power is particularly impressive, to be able to fire in like that in just a second. Being able to stop and start on a dime like that, the launchpad for the New Dempsey Roll has been completed.

Ippo stands in the neutral corner while the count continues. Spectators are expecting Ippo's revival to be a 1-round KO; no way Guevara can stand after that! Kamogawa knows it's different; since Guevara is a southpaw, Ippo's right straight came from farther away than usual, and the hit was lighter than it should've been. He gestures to Ippo in the corner and Ippo acknowledges him. As they both expected, Guevara gets up. The audience and announcer are shocked that Guevara can still stand, but his spirit isn't broken yet.

Ippo starts warming up as Guevara steadies himself. From the waiting room, Takamura muses that it's time to try out the New Dempsey Roll. As soon as the ref signals "box!" Ippo dashes out of the corner like a bullet. Guevara's corner tells him to throw some jabs like before, but Ippo slips through. His corner then tells him to just buy some time. Expecting a body blow, Guevara lowers his guard, then guards his face with one arm. Despite the guard, Ippo's punch rocks Guevara's head back. Ippo diligently sticks to the anti-Southpaw strategy he and Kamogawa had planned.

Guevara is totally on the defensive now and is once again forced to retreat right into the ropes. Kamogawa is worried that history will repeat itself and that Ippo will be on the receiving end of a KO counter from the ropes, but one look at Ippo's movements and that fear seems to fade away. Guevara throws out a counter, but Ippo avoids it and sets up for the New Dempsey Roll.

Match History:Edit

Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
LOSS 2-1-0 Makunouchi Ippo KO 1(10), ?:?? 1999-01 Tokyo, Japan "10 Months In The Making"

Comeback Match

WIN 2-0-0 Malcolm Gedo Decision 10(10) 3:00 1998 Philippines Won Philippine Featherweight Title Match



Fighting StyleEdit

Antonio is a skilled southpaw out boxer who commonly uses right jabs and straights. Antonio has enough punching power to knock Ippo's head back with a jab.




In the Philippines, the people's champ Manny Pacquiao was from a poor family before he reach his current status. He's a natural southpaw.

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