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The following is a list of all the episodes of Hajime no Ippo anime by chronological order. All episodes follow the manga, there are no fillers. Each season starts numbering from the start, click each episode to see more information.

The Fighting! (Season 1)Edit

Early Days ArcEdit


Rookie King Tournament ArcEdit


All Japan Rookie King Tournament ArcEdit

Class A Tournament ArcEdit

JBC Featherweight Champion ArcEdit


The Road Back ArcEdit

Lallapallooza ArcEdit

First Step ArcEdit

Execution ArcEdit

New Challenger (Season 2)Edit


Bloody Cross ArcEdit

Revenge ArcEdit

Proof of Power ArcEdit

Battle of Hawks ArcEdit

Rising (Season 3)Edit

Submarine Wars ArcEdit

Dragon Slayer ArcEdit

Golden Eagle ArcEdit

After the War ArcEdit